We waited for the absolute latest technology to upgrade our equipment and enhance your ultrasound experience. We are so excited to introduce the Samsung WS80A Elite with Hello Mom!

In our elective exams, the high definition 5D ultrasound – also known as Fetal Realistic View (FRV) provides an unbelievably detailed image of your baby’s facial features with the capability to move a light source around the image for depth perception and highlight different areas of your baby.

In our diagnostic exams, this ultrasound technology can make a precise diagnosis on patients, even with the most complex women’s health exams. With upgraded 3D imaging engine, clearer and more detailed images can be obtained. Furthermore, advanced S-Vue transducer technology provides enhanced vision of the scanned areas, ensuring confidence in clinical decisions. What is 5D ultrasound? It is a type of automation during an ultrasound exam that auto populates results and gives assistance in getting more complex exams done with greater details and depth perception. The results are a very real view of your baby!

What is Hello Mom?

What is Hello Mom? It is a smartphone application (Android and iOS)for pregnant mothers that directly allows wireless downloads of ultrasound images and movies from the Samsung WS80A Elite. This is the ONLY ultrasound machine with this technology and we are so happy to provide it to our patients FREE of charge.